Debbie constantly looks for ways to move Denver forward. She strives to maintain the Denver we love and protect our way of life by listening to citizens and protecting local communities. Debbie has traveled around the city from house district meetings to neighborhood meetings in an attempt to determine her legislative priorities. Based on those conversations she has identified 5 key issues:


Debbie is committed to improving transportation in Denver, and one of her main concerns is the CDOT proposed I-70 project. Debbie ensured community input would be included in the decision-making process. She has also been very involved in ensuring that the I-70 construction project will be carefully monitored to ensure no adverse health or environmental impacts will be felt by the local community. Her work on the I-70 project is just the latest in a rich history of involvement on transportation projects including work on the FasTracks program and the I-25 corridor.

Affordable Housing

Debbie recognizes the affordable housing crisis we are currently experiencing here in Denver. She has extensive experience working with Denver’s low-income and homeless populations, and she intimately understands the need for affordable housing. Debbie will work tirelessly to increase LMI housing in Denver and ensure that everyone has a safe space to call home. 

Environmental Protection

One of Debbie’s main concerns is protecting our environment. Debbie pushed to protect our parks through formal city council designation after Hentzel Park land swap exposed how many parks were vulnerable to disappearance. Debbie has also been working with the city and industry groups to encourage the use of Hydrogen fuel in our public vehicles, such as in DIA baggage carts. Denver can and should be at the forefront of creating a sustainable future. Debbie will continue to look for ways to make this happen. 

Public Safety

Debbie is committed to protecting her constituents, and she is constantly looking for ways to improve public safety. Recently, Debbie noticed several HazMat tankers sitting on rail tracks in the middle of the city for days at a time. She immediately began to address the problem, which has resulted in more frequent manifest updates so that emergency first responders are better equipped to handle emergencies. The standards for tanker cars have now been updated in order to further protect the public from accidents. Debbie has also been proactive in the ASARCO Superfund cleanup, but her public safety focus is not limited to the environment; she has also worked to improve pedestrian safety across the city by implementing neon signs and lights that alert drivers to school zones for example.


Debbie has been at the forefront of finding ways to responsibly implement marijuana legislation. She was a key part in putting together the regulatory framework for Amendment 64, and is a constant advocate for protecting our children. She has fought to ban marijuana smoking near schools as well as outdoor marijuana advertising, and she pushed to set aside money to deal with unintended consequences resulting from legalization. One of her main concerns is ensuring financial protections for the marijuana industry. Debbie wants to ensure that marijuana is regulated responsibly so as to best protect our children and communities.



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