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  • Gina Hardin
    commented 2015-04-29 14:12:11 -0600
    Dear Councilwoman Ortega,

    I am working with a group, Fossil Fuel Free Denver, that is seeking to have the City of Denver require Xcel Energy to transition to 100% fossil fuels by 2030, using the 2026 renewal of franchise agreement as leverage. I think you know Jeff Neuman Lee, who is leading this effort.

    What will your position on this be?

    Please feel free to contact me at 303-525-3076 to discuss further.

    Thank you, Gina
  • Cornelia Maes
    commented 2015-04-27 11:55:14 -0600
    1. I understand population numbers are exploding and everyone has to live somewhere. However, squeezing 3,000+ sq.ft. homes within five feet of property lines & allowing three story houses in residential areas is just too much Density.

    2. Giving away Denver parks and open space to development – schools, libraries, non-profits, etc., is absolutely unacceptable!

    3. Taking away the purpose of The Denver Botanical Gardens for greasy eateries and changing the original focus of peace and natural beauty to a Disney entertainment atmosphere is another gross enfringement of escaping dirt, noise, crowds of city life.

    4. The same is being done to the Denver Zoo and City Park. Less and less greenery, park land quiet. Few places of beauty, quiet and no noisy gift shops. The animals must be going crazy as well as the humans and the already crazy humans.

    Our green spaces are treasures. Central Park in NYC is world famous and a place of respite. City Park could be that way. Stop developing it and reducing its park space.
  • Cheryl L. Jones
    commented 2015-04-25 17:52:47 -0600
    Repairing out infrastructure i.e.; sewage and water lines.

    Building wild life habitats in our open spaces and school yards.

    With the increase population, we need regulation requirements around preserving water i.e.; low water appliances, faucets on new buildings and programs to support residents to upgrade to save water.

    Do you support these issues?
  • Mickele Bragg
    commented 2015-04-22 10:07:51 -0600
    We would like to invite you for a short Earth Day celebration this afternoon at Geotech.

    This Earth Day on April 22 2015, from 3:00-4:00pm, Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. will partner with Bruce Randolph School of Denver Public Schools between the two neighboring buildings (40th and Clayton). 10 middle school students and City Year AmeriCorps will join Geotech to build community, learn about local agriculture and sustainability, and celebrate Earth Day. A selection of five hardy, drought-resistant and frost-resistant grape plant varieties will be placed along the fence that borders the properties so that the students can monitor their progress. When the crops produce fruit the local community and students will have access to the grapes.

    In addition to hosting and facilitating the event, Geotech will provide all materials and supplies as well as all future water needs.

    Please let me know if you can join us!

    Thank you. Happy Earth Day!
  • Randy Kilbourn
    commented 2015-04-20 18:48:36 -0600

    I have 2 questions that I am asking candidates that are important to me, as a Denver resident:

    1. I am a person living with disabilities and I live in a building at 1420 Logan Street with 108 residents who are disabled or elderly, or both. We have a HUGE problem with the sidewalks on and around Capitol Hill. I use an electric wheelchair for mobility. Others in my building use walkers, canes and manual wheelchairs. There are sidewalks all around this area that are totally impassable for us. Others are so rough and broken that it makes a trip in the community a bone-jarring and painful experience, and often does damage to our wheelchairs. I have called 311 many times and reported bad sidewalks over the past 5 years, but nothing has ever been done to fix the problems.

    The same is true for snow removal. I have reported addresses of owners who do not shovel their sidewalks, and nothing has ever been done about these situations either. I have gotten stuck multiple times and had to rely on the kindness of strangers to get unstuck.

    My question is, what can you do to force the city to enforce the existing laws meant to prevent these problems? There desperately needs to be a tougher enforcement to make Denver more accessible to those who have mobility issues.

    2. I am sure you are aware of the problem of drug addicts and dealers that infest the area of Colfax from Grant Street to Washington Street. At times, it is so bad that many of us in my building do not feel safe going into the community. We have reported this problem MANY times to the DPD, and the issue never seems to get better. To all of us, the most common sense approach to this problem is to put officers in the area that would “walk a beat”. This allows residents to get to know and TRUST the officers, who then act as a deterrent to the people in the street drug trade.

    We have come to the conclusion that the DPD has the attitude that it wants to keep the drug trade in this area so that it doesn’t spread around to other parts of the city… and this is NOT acceptable.

    This area is home to the State Capitol, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Molly Brown Museum and other tourist attractions. I hate to think what tourists think about homeless people passed out on sidewalks; vomit spattered on the sidewalks; and, drug dealers walking up to them and offering drugs.

    So again, what can you do, if elected, to take care of this blight on our beautiful city?

    I look forward to your reply,

    Randy Kilbourn
  • Dan Shah
    commented 2015-03-27 08:37:58 -0600
    Hi I gather Debbie has a conflict when we are holding our candidate’s forum, so I wanted to get her questions developed by WCBID and the RNOs in W Colfax and Villa Park. Can you please get me an email address to send them?
  • RoSean Howard
    commented 2015-03-20 05:40:50 -0600
    Tell Debbie I received her note that she came by. She should know I support her and remind her to keep the Native American community in her efforts. I no longer teach but work for the Colorado Coalition for Native American Services. I will help when I can.
  • Dan Shah
    commented 2015-03-11 14:11:44 -0600
    Hi Debbie and team: WeCAN and WCBID (and tentatively Villa Park) are planning to hold a council candidate forum on Tuesday April 14th at 6pm at Confluence. We would be delighted if you could join so that folks could hear from you! If so, let me know I wil get you more details, including the questions we will be asking. Thanks Dan
  • Barry Roseman
    commented 2015-03-05 09:20:48 -0700
    The House District 4 Democrats will be holding a candidates’ forum on Saturday, April 4, between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m., at our monthly meeting at the Argyle Senior Center, 4115 West 38th Avenue. We are inviting you to participate in that forum. We expect that several dozen residents of northwest Denver will be present. Since candidates for both the Council District 1 and the at-large positions on Council will be participating, I anticipate that each candidate will have roughly 5-10 minutes to make a presentation to the group. Of course, only candidates who have been certified as having gathered the required number of signatures to get on the ballot will participate in the forum.

    Please let me know whether you will be able to participate in this forum.
  • Robert Heald
    commented 2015-03-03 16:55:07 -0700
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